Structured Settlement & Annuity Financing

Take advantage of our new innovative program that will allow you to sell your annuity, or structured payment for immediate lump sum cash now. 

You can sell:

  • All of your payments

  • Some of your payments

  • A certain portion of each incoming payment

Types of payment streams or annuities we can cash out:

  • Almost any annuity that is not variable or not qualified

  • Fixed Annuities

  • Immediate fixed annuities and SPIAs

  • Deferred annuities that can be immediately annuitized or are in payout.

  • Cell tower leases

  • Royalties

  • Oil and gas contracts

  • Signing bonuses for professional athletes.

Highlights to our Program:

  • Insure against an unexpected change or big expense in your life with instant liquidity

  • Customizable options based individual situation.

  • Position assets for transfer to heirs

  • Avoid high surrender charges